Book Summary: The End of the disease – written by Dr. David Agus


Health is the basis of everything in life. When I was younger, I rank the things that I wanted as wealth, relationships, fame and power. I do not give one thought to health. As he moved in high school and college, I thought my retooled and health as the first. The reason for this without the health, can not achieve anything. Health, as the foundation of the house. It does not make sense to put in a hot tub when the house’s foundation is crumbling.

Why is this important to me?

Since health is the number one, and all the other good things arising therefrom, we must find ways to maximize their own health. It’s up to us to do this in our hands. Dr. Agus takes a systems approach to health care. It’s very impressive, because if you build a car or an airplane, you have to follow a very tight tolerances, in order to be successful, and work. You need to look down the whole section and not the other way around. Every man needs a parent to their health.

Healthcare complicated, because everyone is different. This means that the initial studies can be deceiving and your ethnic background. Everyone has different fingerprints, and another makeup. Studies carried disease is not a medical treatment point of view, but also prevention. This may not be well unless the whole is well – Plato

End the disease starts, we will answer questions in the summary killing.

1. How can a simple peek at the body’s proteins reveal his state of health at the moment, such a reading of the genetic code? how cells talk to each other proteins. What keeps the cancer is under control of the conversation between the proteins of the cells. The field of proteomics, the study of proteins.

2. What statins, like Lipitor Crestor the common swine and Alzheimer’s disease? Inflammation is a sign that something is wrong in the body. Virtually all chronic conditions have been linked to chronic inflammation, which creates inequality of the system, which stimulates negative effects on health. Statins act as an ant-inflammatory and help the body. Think about this, related professional footballers significantly shorter average life span due to inflammatory diseases.

3. Cancer – Cancer is not something that your body gets, but it’s something the body does not. If the environment will also communicate with the balance, it disrupted cells and unregulated cell growth occurs.

constructs a fourth – Genetic testing and knowing your history is very important. Let’s vitamin D as an example. If Norway, the tolerance of the day is very different than if Nigeria. These two very different comparing baseline needs vitamin D is therefore important to create his own personal benchmark, history and easily buy genetic testing before the supplement because you’re the average deficiency.

5. Vitamins – Vitamin A $ 25 billion industry. Dr. Agus profiles several studies, the vitamins that actually more of a negative impact, but also have a positive effect. The data show that it is not free to vitamins.

6. Real Food – The best way to get the nutrients, vitamins and minerals from our food. The best way to make this fresh and frozen food source flash.

Dr. Agus knows his stuff, and he credited the book’s title to Steve Jobs. Dr. Agus was the doctor. Doing simple prevention than to wear comfortable shows, do not sit all day long and dramatic impact on the health controlling inflammation. The number of books astonishingly affordable, if you adopt these simple behavior.

I hope you have found this short summary useful. The key to any new idea that work is a daily routine until it becomes habit. Habits form in as little as 21 days. One thing you can not take away from this book of common sense Health. Do the following – wear comfortable shoes, all real / fresh food, exercise and walk around the workplace. Most people (me too) are most of the day. They will acquire a treadmill desk and walk for at least 2 hours of work. This will not be an exercise routine, but a lifestyle change. I write will be posted on the results.


Source by Joe Mosed

Sump Pump Pros and Cons


“We love the house a lot. It’s got all the features that you are looking for. The only thing that worries me the sump pump in the basement. It is clear that the the house has some sort of water problem. “

it is easy to imagine that a prospective home buyer expressed concerns sump pump is located in the basement or crawl space. But is that always a bad sign? There is a house without automatically right? How reliable are they keeping water in the basement or crawl space? One way to answer these questions is to examine the “pros and cons.”


  • Effective removal of water. When correctly installed a sump pump, it is the most efficient way of water away from the foundation, and will help keep your basement or crawl space dry in wet conditions.
  • More reliable than other waterproofing treatments. Despite the fact that many people think, the outer coating of the foundation nedvességgát- no guarantees against water infiltration in the basement or crawl space. Both the core and the foundation (and often) familiarize developed cracks in the water. The water is coming through the cracks in the concrete floor or along the joint between floor and wall. A properly functioning pump more reliable than the “passive” system as a vapor barrier.
  • ability to handle large leak. In contrast to the curtain drain system, which relies on gravity to remove water, then move a large volume of water under a relatively short time. This capability is important when a major storm or leakage unforeseen occurs.


  • The electric power required. Power failure often occurs rainstorms may cause water to enter the basement. But when the power goes out, it will not work with a standard, such as basements filled with water. To prevent a disaster, you need to install a sump pump that includes a battery backup system.
  • Possible radon hazard. Putting a hole in the concrete floor of the basement or crawl space creates an opening where radon gas from the soil into the foundation. Since radon exposure can cause cancer, it’s important every house has a sump pump to be tested for radon. If you encounter dangerous radon levels, it can be reduced to an acceptable level of radon mitigation of an experienced entrepreneur.
  • Not an attractive look. in the past and even today, the installation leaves a hole in the base exposed to harsh and ugly. Seeing an open hole, dirty and partially filled with water is not going to homeowners feel safe in their basement or avoiding water damage. But need not in this way. As you can see in the picture, sump pumps, like those available from Basement Systems, Inc. is a neat, clean appearance with confidence instead of fear.


The homeowner or home buyer, a sump pump can be liability or an asset, depending on how it works and how it looks. When working properly, it provides excellent protection against water penetration and water damage to your basement or crawl space protection, which is not safe in many ways, such as waterproof coatings. To get the best protection and the best finished look, it’s important to install the best quality pump that includes a battery system and an air-tight lid. This type of sump pump in the basement of the models feature Systems.


Source by Samantha Walton

Acne Makeup – Tips For Concealing Acne Scars pitted


Acne scars are permanent reminders of acne to another, or years ago. Although there are different surgical procedures to reduce or eliminate these scars, most people rely on some form of concealer makeup to cover them. Depending on the type of acne scar you want to cover, you will need to use different techniques and makeup.

There are several different types of acne scars, including pitted, raised, and subsequent inflammatory hyperpigmentation (which is technically not a scar). The methods discussed in this article deals with a way to discover pitted scars as ice pick, boxcar, or depressed scars. These types of scars challenging to hide, since they are not in the rest of the skin.

In order to make the best to conceal pitted acne scars, you first need to use the filling to raise the scar as much as possible, to the same level as the rest of the skin. There are two ways this can be the following:

  • wrinkle fillers. If they can not fill wrinkles, you can do the same with pitted scars. Although they are not likely to significantly lift the scar and is only temporary, you can reduce the amount of concealer must fill in the scar.
  • thick, creamy concealers. A thick concealer that is the same color as the skin can be applied to a very small concealer brush. Place a small amount of concealer on the pitted scar. Dab and blend carefully so that the scar will remain the concealer and blend with the rest of the edges of the skin. A few good concealers scars Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer and Smashbox High Definition Concealer. Cover FX also has a very wide range of colors to hide scars on the face or body.

Tips for the best coverage

  1. is always looking for a concealer that is as close to your skin tone as possible. If anything, you can use a slightly lighter tone because of the depressed scar cast a small shadow, so darker.
  2. If the scar is discolored, the use error correction first green (red scars) or yellow (the blue scars). Peach colors to work with scars that blue tint. Use concealer Concealer after, if necessary, to even out the color to match the rest of your skin.
  3. When applying foundation, put it after any wrinkle filling but before the concealer. If you apply concealer after foundation, you risk wiping with a concealer that just worked so hard to apply. Also, you may need to use less concealer after foundation.
  4. Always set your concealer loose powder. This sets the makeup and keep smearing during the day. This applies to both the face and body makeup.

Although it is possible to hide acne scars, it is still best to prevent them in the first place. Every time you get acne, it’s just a pimple or more, treat immediately and keep your hands away from your face. Be especially wary of any inflamed areas because these spots are most likely to result in scars. There is no real substitute for the advice of a dermatologist if you have moderate to severe acne. However, do not wait until the start of the bad acne treatment.


Source by Sharyn Sheldon

Let’s build a storage building: Five Step Guide to Building Block Shed


To build a storage shed in the garden in the design and creativity. Most of the wooden sheds built when built from scratch, others shed kits are assembled and are usually constructed of metal or plate. However, some buildings are built using bricks, because the owner wants to meet the construction of the house, or because the owner thinks they have added strength to the structure.

Maybe you remember the story of the three little pigs and is afraid of the big bad wolf blew down the outside shed. However, a brick shed outlast a traditional wooden barn, where neither the structure is maintained.

Look, if you maintain your shed or building it just fine. For this reason, and for this reason, I would recommend building a brick shed in it, and only then if the decision is aesthetic, not structural. Any well-constructed shed holds more life if you need to be properly maintained.

Nevertheless, here is a short five-step building of a brick warehouse building or shed in the garden.

Step 1

The first step in any building project is to determine the location of the shed. Make sure you select a location that is relatively flat, good drainage, not directly to the property line, not too close to the trees, which can cause problems on the barn roof or foundation (remember large tree roots under the surface). Also, be sure to shed the foundation does not interfere with any electrical cables or water pipes. Non-observance of any of them, and you have a potentially costly problem on your hands.

Another thing to think about at this stage is that it is absolutely certain that the shed design meets local building codes and zoning ordinances. The best way to do this is to apply for a license. In some cases, if you live in a planned community, you may need permission to build a shed in the Home Owner’s Association. Do not make the mistake of not asking because the HOA has broad powers to take decisions when satisfying.

Step 2

If all the approvals and permits are obtained it is time to clean the area where the shed will be built. Remove debris, roots, weeds, rocks and other obstacles. Also on the ground if necessary. A chalk line or stake, to draw a sketch of the shed footprint on the earth.

Step 3

It’s time to start digging. Your task is to create a foundation for the shed. Building a strong foundation determines the strength and stability of the shed and a step that should not be taken lightly. Depending on where you live, you have to dig to a depth below which the frost line. This ensures that the shed does not swell due to ground heave due to freezing-induced expanding soil. The minimum depth of eight inches and a solid foundation in most areas requires no more than thirty-six inches. It is best to check with your local building department to know the exact depth of digging. You can rent a small back hoe or trenching machine or hire an experienced excavator to do this step for you. You want the bottom of the trench level all the way around.

The outer ditch should be about an inch beyond the outline of the building and should be 4-6 inches wide. Now using 2×6 lumber and stakes, create a form extending above the ground level.

Step 4:

It’s time to pour the concrete foundation. Pour the concrete level about 2-3 inches above the ground. Unless the martyrs call your local concrete supplier and order a truck in the right amount of yardage to fill the hole. Tell me your company and I will tell you the size you need. Consult the mix necessary strength and stability of the area. Make sure that the top of the foundation is relatively level, although it is not to be perfectly smooth. Allow the concrete to set. It takes about 24 hours out of the mold, but do not throw the material away. Then again it door frames and other things such as ceiling beams. Normally this is the time to call the first test. To do so before you proceed.

Now it is the time to pour a concrete slab floor of the shed. Again, call the concrete supplier and tell her size. 3-4 inch slab sufficient purpose. We also want to buy some rebar or wire mesh to the strength and stability of the floor.

Step 5:

Now mark the foundation walls rude door openings making sure that responsible for the finished openings size and go wide enough to fit the size. Also, if you add windows, make sure to leave openings where the rough opening as well.

apart the bricks on the ground and adjust the level of string around each wall of the shed. Mix a batch of mortar (mortar rent a your local home center), and apply a layer of mortar to accommodate the foundation bricks of about 5-7. Lay bricks one by making sure that level. Use the string as a guideline. Repeat the entire foundation wall. As you build layers repeat the same idea, but put the bricks, so space them centered between two bricks below. Repeat until it reaches the height of the building.

The door and window openings you have to insert a header across the top of the slot, so over the bricks will remain in place. You can use a thin steel headers and a piece of 4×4 timber to act as a header. Do not skip this step.

The final step is to build the roof. This is a common shed construction activity, so I will not go into that here. When you build a storage building bricks need to pay attention to the details of the construction process. Follow these steps and you’ll have a strong brick shed.


Source by Don Koenig

Party makeup – 13 Common Mistakes That Can completely ruin the Party Night!


So you go to a party with friends, but worried about the “party makeup”? Do you remember the last time he went out, the make-up was a disaster? You should not worry anymore, because I’m about to reveal to you the 13 biggest mistakes in the application of the girls do not usually make half the night. It also shows what it is worth and what not!

  1. The first mistake happens before you even apply makeup to the party, and it is called “rush”! I’m going to a club can be a very exciting and interesting adventure that can change your life for good. It could happen to meet the love of your life or a wonderful new friends. But it can also mean that no one will notice you. It just did not stand out from the crowd. I often hear complaints of the girls that they did not notice half the club. So it is very important not to rush the makeup. Take your time to make this party we are talking about here. As a professional makeup artist never rushed, always as much time as you need to, unless of course there are other circumstances. Even I make mistakes when I’m not focused.
  2. Some girls forget to wash their face with cold water and apply moisturizing cream before make-up. It is very important to wash your face with cold water, because it stimulates the blood circulation of the skin, which makes it ready for makeup. Also applying moisturizing cream is important because the makeup last longer. Do not forget to apply the cream to massage into the skin, again because of the circulation of the blood. It perfectly prepares the skin for the next party makeup.
  3. Once the cream is not immediately applied to the foundation. If skin problems such as acne or acne should be aware that the use concealer makeup party before it goes to the foundation. For party makeup, you should choose a green concealer. If you do not have one, you can skip this routine and apply the concealer after foundation is pressed close to the foundation of the application. But if you’ve got a green concealer, apply it directly to the problematic parts of the skin. Be careful to use much material, not too much, because it will be noticeable later, also very noticeable in the pictures.
  4. Next big error when choosing the foundation color. Sometimes, the girls decided to base darker than your skin tone. Because party makeup is very important that you choose foundation that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. Especially when there is strong ultraviolet light from the club, your face is very dark, and it would mean disaster if you choose a darker foundation.
  5. Now employed by the Foundation. If you applied the green concealer, never rushing the base. Do not make a mistake by using the left and right of the foundation of the movement, because it completely destroys the party makeup. You will squeeze the concealer before you apply. Now is the time to apply foundation with a damp sponge. Apply to the sponge. Now press the sponge on one site and move very little to one side. This is how you apply the foundation. Just repeat the process. It’s time consuming, but well worth the effort. You will not displace your concealer, foundation and during which the party will make you look.
  6. Selecting a strong eyeshadow or lipstick color is very important. Girls can not complain that the party makeup does not look much different than the usual daily makeup. This is because it is usually very easy to choose colors and soft. Clubs and parties will have to choose strong colors. Only one caution. Do not make eye shadow and lipstick colors clash. If both of them are too strong, the makeup look artificial. However, there are exceptions where the two colors can be strong and still look great.
  7. Do not forget to ease the area under your eyes when dark circles. You can use white eye shadow to this, just watch that you do not use much of it. Or you can use lighter concealer.
  8. a big mistake to do that! compared to darker colors do not blush to lipstick color, please! Just once I made that mistake. I applied a darker blush, lipstick color as it was, and she, as if someone hit him in the face. It is totally ruin. Go easy on the blush!
  9. Do not be afraid to use glitter, very good for the party, and it may be the star of the night!
  10. Have you noticed that your face is glowing very bright images as your body? That’s another great thing about the girls usually do not know why it happens. Since the foundation and concealer to reflect the light flashes, lights up the face in the photos, while the body absorbs light. Do something base and shines in the upper body, such as shoulders and cleavage, if visible, of course. So the body can reflect light, it will reach the brightness balance and look really nice in the pictures.
  11. Watch that it is not a line on the neck of the foundation. Take your time, and good sound mixing neck. If needed, use pressed powder, which helps to hide the line.
  12. Do not use the pressed powder. Girls always ask why their faces glow as the photos. This is different than the light I explained before. The one I was talking about earlier is only the difference between the face and the body of the brightness. But this is when the face just glows too many photos. This is what happens if you do not apply pressed powder. Party makeup should be used. It makes your face absorb some of the light. It apply equally is applied to the base, rather than just a dry sponge. And remember that you have to apply pressed powder, lipstick before. The lipstick is the last thing you put yourself. You can also apply a little foundation for this body, it looks good there.
  13. The last big mistake of the girls when they apply the lipstick. The lips of toxic weapon to seduce the help of the targets. So that’s why you have to calibrate the weapon to hit the target. The girls usually forget that lips these natural pores must be visible to look natural. That is too much lipstick on your lips will even out the pores and invisible. This causes an unnatural appearance of the lips and plastic, which completely ruins the party makeup. Other people the impression that they are just too big to make up, and it does not look cool. It will tell you how sexy and seductive lips completely that no one can resist. Choose your color and apply lipstick. Clear your lips after applying lipstick with a tissue to remove excess material. Now that you have a lipstick and the pores can be seen that a clear lip gloss on your lips. This is totally going so lips “kiss me”! This is it! Based on my personal research, these 13 common mistakes that girls have to destroy half the night. Follow my advice and you’ll be the star of the night!


Source by Zoran Gajic

Types of Basement Waterproofing Systems


Basement waterproofing is an important part of preserving the state of health of the church. This prevents water from leaking into the basement and damage to the walls, trees and house foundation. A damp or wet basements can lead to mold growth and insect infestation of.

good to hire a professional basement waterproofing company to protect your basement water damage. Their experts first determine the cause of the leak and clean up the area, and waterproof to make sure they stay dry.

The type of waterproofing methods that are needed in the cellar depends on the state and severity of the damage. Another factor that determines the type of waterproofing method should be used, whether the cause of the damage is outside or inside. Here is a brief overview of the types of basement waterproofing methods:

– Internal insulation – This is used a temporary measure, to the basement dry . Available in spray form, these sealants can be applied to walls and floors in the basement directly. This prevents them from absorbing moisture in the walls and floors. It’s cheap and effective waterproofing solution. It can be used as a temporary solution until you go to a more permanent solution than the exterior basement waterproofing.

– External Basement Waterproofing – This most effective method of basement waterproofing. This prevents the water from reaching the main walls of the housing and cause structural damage. This method involves digging around the house to install a proper drainage system that runs the foundation level. This additional protection of groundwater outside the house. The membranes and polymers used in this method that are known to be very effective waterproofing materials. This method may be used and longer installation time compared to the internal seal.

– Internal water drainage – it’s a different popular method that avoids the water collected in the basement area with the help of drainage system. This is useful to remove water from entering beneath the basement heavy rains. It can be installed without any professional help is a very simple method and pumps.

Basement is the foundation of the house, and keeping it in good condition is very important to the overall security of the house. There are many factors, such as cost, quality and durability, which needs due consideration while deciding the type of basement waterproofing system should be used.


Source by Richa Khandel

Makeup Tips After Rhinoplasty Surgery women


Rhinoplasty is one of the safest and most satisfying plastic surgery in general in the market. The results can be dramatic and long-lasting. Yet, in order that such improved results have to wait for a few weeks or a few months, before all the swelling subsides. This can be up to one year until the final product revealed. What’s a girl have to do in the mean time? Fortunately, there’s a whole slough of camouflaging cosmetics on the market that can help conceal bruising and discolorations until your nose is completely healed.

The most common side effects of rhinoplasty swelling, bruising, discoloration and the presence of the incision scars. They are the natural results of the surgery and the body’s way of telling that something traumatic happened and that the organization is trying to fix it. Still, if you do not want everyone else should pay more attention to the healing nose, as they did to you. To reduce awkward glances you will need some good cosmetics.

First of all, you can start with a concealer to cover up bruises and incision lines. Concealers nice and thick, much thicker than foundation and essentially remove some errors rhinoplasty. Be sure to find the one that very closely matched the color of the skin and that is hypoallergenic to avoid further irritating the skin. You can also choose a concealer that is waterproof to give you the look that lasts all day. After applying the concealer to bruises and wounds, it is usually best to apply a coat of regular basis for a more finished presentation.

If any discoloration of the skin around the surgical area, your best option may be to color correctors. They are specifically designed to hide the unsightly colors that accompany bruising. If you have a yellowish bruise, try a lavender corrector. Because redder discolorations, apply green corrector. Be sure to finish the film its foundation smooths the colors.

There are ways to disguise the swelling, which usually lasts for several weeks. One common method is to use different shades of foundation to create contouring or lights and shadows. If you want to look slimmer nose is swollen, apply a strip foundation two shades lighter than the normal one in the middle of your nose. Then apply foundation along the strip two shades darker than your usual one side of the nose. Blend them together as best as you can. This should produce an illusion of a thinner nose line, camouflaging the temporary fatness or inflammation.

Before you try any of these techniques, it is certain that the surgeons approval. In general, you can start wearing make-up just a few days after the procedure, but you’ll have to wait until the stitches are removed to start covering up the incision lines. If it does not make a check again that the applicators are clean and that the product is not oily and hypoallergenic. Be consistent and diligent completely remove the makeup ink and clean your face every night. The last thing you want is to inadvertently create an infection of the nose, prolonging the swelling, bruising, and overall recovery period.

The relevant know-how and the application of makeup can be a very effective tool to help you look your best, right after rhinoplasty procedure. Camouflaging cosmetics also allows you to feel comfortable with going back to work and move back to the normal social circles.


Source by Abigail Aaronson

Full list of must-have items in your makeup kit Dance


dancers Makeup Kit tasks:

dance makeup look is often determined by the choreographer and / or location of the performance.

stage – Ballet, Tap, jazz, hip-hop, modern and contemporary dancers typically dance on stage. Whether you dance recital, competitive dancer or a professional dancer, you need to wear a darker, more intense make-up dancers look like the average everyday street makeup. This is because the intensity of the spotlight, the intensity of the costuming, the distance between the performer and the audience.

Outdoor Performance – Depending on the style of dance you are performing in the open air, the dancers make it look much paler. For example, although the dance stage makeup look often includes red lipstick, it should have a natural pink tone colors instead.

Ballroom dance floor – When a ballroom dancer, you usually perform on the dance floor to the same level as the audience and lighting, though dramatic, are not as intense as the stage lighting. However, a ballroom dancer makeup is often quite dramatically enhance the dramatic costuming and style of the genre.

Belly Dance Performance – belly dancers are a variety of performance venues – theater, restaurants, and outdoor festivals. However, the belly dancers make more towards the style instead of dancing and costuming type of venue they perform. Their performance range look more natural and beautiful in the classic Cabaret belly dancers make dramatic artistic styles tribal belly dancers makeup.

Preferably, hypo-allergenic / non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging), talc and paraben-free products that are natural as possible, but effectively. The Dancer makeup look, wear a long time, and it can be very hard on the skin, especially if you are sensitive or prone to acne. You do not want products that are going to end the terrible skin look and feel of a performance this weekend. There is nothing that can make you more self-conscious than face irritated, reddened skin for a pimple.

I have a list here of what shouldnt be in Dance makeup Kit is a performance fabulous makeup look:


• Hypo-allergenic / non-comedogenic ( not clogging the pores)
• Mineral oil-free
• Waterproof / Sweat-resistant
• Full coverage foundation that feels very light on the skin
• Warm-toned colors best pace lighting – avoid pink tones -alapítvány
• Half a shade darker than your natural skin color stage performances.
• Match the color of the skin of the foundation of all the other performance venues.


• Transparent, which is very little pigment
• Transparent tone so that it does not look cakey on the skin

Foundation Brush

• It was used to apply a thin coat foundation

triangular makeup sponge

• Used to smooth out the foundation, mixed colors, clean up the mistakes

Eye Shadows

• Highly pigmented, water-resistant / sweat resistant, talc and paraben-free mineral makeup colors work well
• There are three main shadows:
Introduction o – light color
o Contrast – medium color
o Contour – dark
• Neutral warm, earth-toned colors – black, brown, bronze, copper, gold, cream


• Highly pigmented, water-resistant / sweat resistant, talc and paraben-free mineral makeup colors work well
• Neutral and warm red and pink

Black water resistant mascara

Black waterproof Liquid Liner or black Mineral Makeup eye Shadow / eye Liner

White eyeliner highlighting

two pairs of false eyelashes – just to the security page!

Waterproof eyelash glue – Duo is the best!

Pencil – neutral tones, durable (but not dry your mouth!)

Mineral Lip Stick – durable (but it does not drying the lips)

Makeup Brushes – lip, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, color, brow comb / brush

Glitter / Shimmer powders (defined choreography)

glitter glue


Source by Jessica Dupont

Epoxy or polyurethane Crack Injection – What is the best?


The essential characteristics of epoxy and polyurethane

epoxy and polyurethane resins both; Typically, these two component compositions. The mixing of the components for all types of resin material to create the desired properties of fracture repair.

in the epoxy resin component and no starch; blended before the crack injection. The mixing ratio is typically part of a two-part epoxy starch. Injection epoxies usually heal within three to four hours. Cured epoxy strong bond and a hard plastic-like texture.

Polyurethane, while not necessarily a two-component mixture, typically two; one for resin and the other an accelerator. Unlike the epoxy, the texture varies considerably curable polyurethane; It can not be generalized to specific properties of cured polyurethane.

Differences epoxy and polyurethanes Crack Injection Processes


significant differences in how polyurethane and epoxy crack injection is carried out. Epoxy injection is called “Surface port injection” because it involves the use of injection ports inject the epoxy-T is a crack.

polyurethane injection involves using a much higher injection pressure packers inserted into drilled holes in the crack in a poured concrete foundation. As epoxy, polyurethane fills the crack through the entire thickness of the foundation to prevent water from entering the cracks. Professional Polyurethane crack injection generally include the washing process to clean the cracks to improve adhesion of the crack.

Advantages epoxy crack injection

1. The tensile strength of the cured epoxy is greater than the cast concrete . energized, epoxy crack repair is not permitted.

2. epoxy injections to give a positive confirmation of the injection technician that the crack is completely full.

3. epoxy crack injection is highly reliable due to the low failure rate.

4. Epoxy curing time to allow the epoxy to the gravity of the crack, thus filling every part, even the finest cracks.

Benefits of Polyurethane Crack Injection

used independently of the first polyurethane cracking condition and the weather. It does not matter if the crack is actively leaking, full of mud and / or mineral deposits, or if it is small or large.

second polyurethane injection involves cracking flushing process that cleans up before the crack injection.

3. The chemical expansion of polyurethane and fill voids in the concrete.

4. The fast-curing polyurethane is preferred when rapid waterstopping needed.

Disadvantages epoxy Crack Injection

1. The moisture adversely affects the adhesive properties of epoxy used to adhere the fastening T ports onto the crack. Without adequate adhesion to the epoxy anchor will not withstand the injection pressure.

2. epoxy improper re-injection had been administered to repair a crack that failed.

3. homeowner’s basement leak repair of hydraulic cement or sealant may make appropriate epoxy injections because there is no surface access to the crack, mud and / or minerals has built a crack, and the concrete around parts of the cracks are often damaged by water saturation.

4. The curing time and the availability of viscosity epoxy positive qualities, but also weak points. Based on epoxy crack injection of epoxy inside a crack in the containment until the epoxy cured. This use of containment against the outer wall of compacted soil. Poor compaction, air gap membranes and the use of epoxies will result in insufficient viscosity epoxy bleeding on the ground.

Note: The negative traits are often strong epoxy bond caused due epoxy crack injection stiffness. Keep in mind that the entire cast concrete rigid base; Therefore, the flexibility of the material used to inject crack, in my opinion, is not logical, because there is no real need to accommodate crack movement.

Drawbacks of Polyurethane Crack Injection

The first polyurethane flexible and able to accommodate compressive force does not get along well when they are exposed to considerable tension; Consequently, it is possible that polyurethane will break if an excessive voltage is a crack unless reinforced.

2. Unlike the injection of epoxy, polyurethane injection, crack injection does not provide the technician positive reinforcement that the crack is completely full.

Foundation Crack strengthening

The structural strengthening of cracks in the foundation does not reach epoxy crack injection itself and / or the use of carbon fiber staples confirmation. The cracked basement walls can be reinforced structurally independent of the injection method.

or be in the state of compression or tension cracks at any time. The state is a crack vary during the year due to themal cycling, soil and variable pressure on the foundation wall. However, polyurethane epoxy does not yield tensile forces may break due to a stress fracture.

The point

OK, so what is the best method for repair of cracks in concrete: epoxy or polyurethane? In my opinion, one should use epoxy crack injection, wherever possible. However, the characteristics of the crack to enter suggests the method used. It did not take into account the characteristics of each injection significantly increases the likelihood of crack repair failure.

For a more detailed comparison, two crack injection methods ++, visit our website at


Source by Jon Gerber

Warning – Becoming a trustee can seriously damage your wealth


This is a true story that happened to Aotearoa (New Zealand), its roots date back to the 50s.

In the 1950s, two completely unrelated events took place. At the time, no one could have foreseen that these two isolated events is intertwined with such force and passion into the next century.

The first incident took place around Christmas, 1953, in a small town Aeoteora, where a son was born to a well-respected Charles Hohepa the Maori family, who has since time immemorial Chiefs. In fact, when Charles’s great-grandfather died in 1907, it was a Maori thousands of mourning, it was Hohepa regard the IWI.

The second incident took place about six years later, in Auckland, where the Reverend William Antaeus Bloomfield and his wife Aldyth Isabel Bloomfield, set the people to worship the Freedom (PWF) mission as Outreach // First Aid Posts opportunity to take for people who are in crisis or face a possible crisis or were victims of accidents and emergency situations.

Reverend Bloomfield had very definite ideas about how he’s Mission to be operated. It was not created as a “church” per say, but a body that, although these Christian faith, then go out into the community and try and rescue people who fell off the sidelines and do not necessarily respond to a formal approach to the state church environment.

So was successful in his mission to the early 60’s, the Reverend Bloomfield failed (the sale of a brick at a time of his supporters) to raise the deposit allows him to buy a small house was used as a base for Auckland. Within three years, he also managed to pay off the mortgage completely.

Moreover, since the good works of the Mission was chosen to help the then young Queen Elizabeth on his visit in 1963

However, towards the end of the number in the 70’s professed church in a different religion, a “Jesus only” cult, popular in the United States at that time. Now the board is one of the successes of Rev Bloomfield was able to appeal to anyone with a distressed state, regardless of race, creed, color or religion.

There then began a series of infighting of the original trustees of the PWF mission, and that the alternative group, which eventually evolved into the Eden Refuge Mission and it was a feud that continues to this day.


Reverend Bloomfield’s death in 1973 that the rival group for almost every form of insidious and, in some cases, violent ways to achieve their goals. Only the manner in which the alleged caring group work. However, the remaining Board stood firm to the original vision of the PWF mission.

In 1984, the two original ’50s-based events came together, as this year, the then young leader Charles Hohepa, who had a regular follower of PWF Mission, called the surviving trustees to join them in body. The surviving Trustees need for more understanding of the legal proceedings, as the Eden Shelter Trust are now beginning to use all the magic trick was to try to wrest the PWF Mission’s assets, and the direction of the original Mission.

This began the struggle for the leadership of Charles sustain and maintain the original wishes of the mission, which will last more than 25 years.

, the image of the opposition in the PWF, a Sunday meeting of the newly elected pastor, the Reverend Ray Crossland, forcibly removed from the pulpit of the leaders on behalf of the Eden Refuge, and many times, a staunch proponents was the PWF Mission assaulted the building.

At one point, in 1985, Chief Charles, now the only remaining trustee had the locks changed PWF of the building. A few weeks later, the leaders of the Eden Trust Refuge smashed his way through the building and changed the locks. Chief Charles quoted the local police, who can be seen when the driver was only charged with trespass under the permission of the people evicted from Eden constraints.

Thus it began the vigil by one man for many years to keep the faith as the only remaining trustee PWF original objectives of the mission, in the face of overwhelming aggravation. Many other people would have walked away from such a situation, but Chief Charles was definitely firm.

However, in early 2000 it became obvious that the only real way to solve this ongoing harassment of PWF and was loyal to the church, to dispose of the building completely and look at the larger, more suitable premises.

After more legal trouble if the Eden Trust tried to issue the reservations of the building, Chief Charles succeeded in disposing of this now dilapidated and condemned building just NZ $ 350,000 in 2002, the original building had become too small and, condemned due to issues underpinning the local council, and it was not sufficient to cover the proceeds from the sale of, the idea was Chief Charles, the little income to sales, sign a bond debt of the Board of Trustees, and he invested these funds in European companies. This allows him to acquire sufficient funds to new, larger and more suitable premises were found. It is also fully demarcate the PWF ambitions of Eden Refuge Trust, which now owns a series of Night Clubs portfolio.

… Problem solved? Read.

the boss, because of the very obvious strength of character in 2008, he was elected to the Executive Director, Director of Resource Mobilisation in a UN-recognized non-governmental organization, the [1945901million] World For World Organization . Here Chief Charles led a huge humanitarian resources.

Similarly, in 2006, while senior Charles lived in Spain, the Māori Association of Chiefs bestowed on him the highest honor of the Maori people – he was the selected to be the first Sovereign order – the Sole Protector Maori nation.

About the same time, it is still rumbling in over the Eden Refuge Trust, page 18 Oath statement by the leader, and witnessed the New Zealand Embassy in Madrid as a total control on what happened while the boss was a trustee of the PWF Mission. Interestingly, the man running the World Organisation of the word, and the Alliance leaders were fully aware of Chief Charles struggle, and despite the rumors, is still elected to high office in their organizations.

Imagine the surprise, then, when the Eden Refuge Trust, claim that PWF of Representatives, took out against a court case Chief Charles in 2006

a clear case of “no case answer ? ‘ Yes, if the evidence of the way the boss’s testimony has been accepted by the Court. And also, if the boss who now suffers from very poor health, has allowed present his case video link.

Thus, some large ask questions now.

how is it that none of the boss evidence was admitted to the Court that he was found guilty generated by each of the trumped-up charges Eden Refuge Trust?

the story does not end here, and the truth – unpolluted and unbiased. – all of the relevant facts, prevails

the warning is very sharp if the kind of person that will not influence the moral counter prejudices and. and a trustee actually seriously damage your wealth.


Source by Geoff Morris